Weston-sub-Edge Railway Station - Railways of the Vale of Evesham

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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
Weston-sub-Edge was opened on the 1st August 1904 as Bretforton  and Weston-sub-Edge (the station was located about halfway between the two villages in question), but the station name was shortened to Weston-sub-Edge on  the 1st May 1907. It was the first station on the new extension from Honeybourne  and was provided with two 400ft platforms. The station had no footbridge but the  line could be crossed by either the barrow crossing or the roadbridge at the  south end of the station. The goods yard had a loop and one siding, with a 6-Ton  crane and a weighbridge. A signal box was provided to the north of the  station.

The station started out as administratively independent, but in  1932, the stationmaster's position here was abolished and the station came under  the jurisdiction of Broadway. The goods yard was closed on the 25th September  1950 and the station was run as an unstaffed halt until its closure on the 7th  March 1960.
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